Hi there! 
My educational background combines communication studies from Belarusian State University and Policy and Health from UC Berkeley. My professional journey spans across the dynamic hospitality and health technology industries, fueling my drive to create meaningful impact.
Whether I’m curating an exquisite culinary experience at Kola supper club or conceptualizing cutting-edge technological solutions, my approach revolves around breaking down complex challenges into actionable, memorable, and cohesive sprints. As a product manager, I’ve honed my expertise by working on two products - PrEP’d and Oya - dedicated to improving health outcomes. My skill set encompasses data analysis and visualization, product development within agile framework, prototyping, and design.
As a hospitality leader, I have hands-on experience in front-of-the-house operations and running my own successful supper club. Thriving in high-pressure environments, my skills extend beyond managing wine programs and crafting business strategies. Hospitality has inspired me to champion kindness, foster creative analytical thinking, and emerge as an inspirational leader.
In my free time, I enjoy challenging day hikes, connecting with friends, exploring new cultures through dining and travel, and wandering around Costco.
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